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Member Bio – Gentle Guardian Pet Sitting

Dixie Schlabach 316-838-5691


When you are away from home, you can reduce separation anxiety in your pets by keeping them in their own environment with their own pet sitter– a pet sitter they can get to know and trust through consistent visits, focused loving attention and exercise and/or play in the manner they appreciate most. I have several toys and treat puzzles to break your pet’s boredom or loneliness that you can inspect and approve.


To give you peace of mind, knowing your pets are well cared for in a responsible, safe and gentle manner.


  • Mid-day poddy breaks for senior dogs
  • Routine walks for pups and dogs
  • As many visits per day as your pet requires due to medications or puppy poddy training.
  • Overnight care or 24 hr. care
  • Farm and Horse Sitting
  • Complimentary basic security services
  • Complimentary household services


  • Insured
  • Bonded
  • Annually Background checked

Up-to-date First Aid/CPR certificate through PetTech since 2013

  • Member of Pet Sitters International, which is the world’s leading educational organization for professional pet sitters
  • Now, I am very excited to be a founding member of Pet Professional Alliance of Wichita!

Unfortunately, there is no licensing for Pet Sitting. So, how do I keep educating myself and improving my services?

  • Pet Sitters International provides a constant stream of information about a wide range of pets and best business practices on multiple platforms.
  • Learning from my fellow members at PPAW.
  • Taking my dog through classes such as Hand’s Full Dog Training.
  • I take online courses about things such as dog body language.
  • Volunteer Experiences
    • Kansas Humane Society’s Project Companionship program,
    • Flint Hills Therapeutic Riding Center
    • Prairie Meadows Therapeutic Riding Center.
    • Experiences as a pet sitter since July of 2010.




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