Posted by on April 29, 2018

by Karra Kostya of Karra Kostya Photography

What is a pet photographer?

Perhaps the most important element of choosing a photographer who will photograph your four-legged best friend is the experience of the photographer. When I tell people that I photograph pets, I get the usual “Oh, I just love {insert pet here}. Many think its all face licks, furry cuddles and funny noises.

Yes, but no.

Many photographers think they can photograph anything…yes, but no.

All photographers have their own specialties.

A newborn photographer knows what positions will be safe for their tiny photographic subjects. They are patient with little ones and empathetic with tired moms and dads.  They know how to help guide everyone to make photographic memories that will last a lifetime.

A wedding photographer knows how to handle a bride during the most stressful part of her big day and still create beautiful memories.

Guess what? A photographer who specializes in pet photography has unique talents, too. They know what to look for because they are experienced at working with animals. They enter a session understanding the elements they need to look for in terms of safety, signs of stress, and how to best pose the animal.

Why choose a professional pet photographer?

There’s always the option of taking photos yourself, or finding a friend. So what can a professional do for you that makes it all worth while?  There’s a lot!

  • Understanding how to pose your pet to capture happy, stress-free expressions
  • Balancing color, brightness, and tone to capture the true beauty of your pet
  • Creating legacy quality prints that can live inside your home, not inside your computer
  • Being able to get YOU in the picture!

What should you look for when hiring a pet photographer?

* What pet based experience do they have?

* How familiar are they working with pets in different situations?

* What questions do they ask? Do they ask about your pets’ temperament, medical history, sensitivity to other animals/strangers etc.

* Are they familiar with locations that are safe for your pet? I.e. if you have an indoor cat you would like photographed, it’s not a great idea to take them to a park.

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